The Best Probiotic Foods You Should Eat


You’ve heard the term “probiotic” being thrown around a few times, and you may not know that it exactly is. Well, if antibiotics get rid of bacteria, probiotics put bacteria inside of you. But wait, you say, isn’t that a bad thing? Not necessarily. Your digestive system has plenty of bacteria inside it that breaks […]

Why You Should Try Organic Food Out


Organic food has been the buzz lately, but what exactly is it? In the simplest term, it’s just food that has not received any genetic modification, pesticides, processing, preservatives, or artificial flavors. There is a bit of controversy about organic versus conventional foods. Is organic better,or is it just a marketing term? Are genetically modified […]

Cleanse Your Liver and Your Kidneys with Parsley Juice


Parsley juice turns the nutrition in this herb into a powerful punch of nutrition. It has vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, volatile oils and chlorophyll. These herbs work together to cleanse and detoxify your liver and kidneys. It has a history as a healing herb for the kidneys. If you have kidney infections and kidney stones, […]

What is Selenium and How it Can Improve your Health


Selenium is an antioxidant and trace mineral. It is important in all health fronts, from energy in your body and mind to improving overall good health. It’s usually found in various foods, but as of late, the amount of selenium in those common delicacies has declined. Why is Selenium  so important? In your body, there […]

Healthy Alcohol Choices


I’ll admit it, it’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet when most social gatherings involve drinking beer and eating chips with friends. Most alcoholic drinks are filling and packed with carbs, mixed drinks are full of sugar, and wine…well, let’s just say it’s to be left for special occasions. So how do you keep a […]